Dermal Fillers - Juvederm from Allergan

Help to diminish facial lines, restore volume and fullness of the face. One of the popular non-surgical treatment for Lip/Chin augmentation, Cheeks, Jawline, and Tear Trough 


Botulinum toxin - Botox®

Reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles such as Forehead lines, Crow's feet, Frown lines, Eyebrow lift, Bunny line and Dimpled Chin.



Safe, painless, & effective mechanical exfoliation treatment that produces immediate results with no downtime

KYBELLA® (Famous for Double Chin)

FDA-approved injectable treatment that destroys fat cells in the treatment area under the chin to improve your profile.

Chemical Peel -TCA Peel 

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) to remove dead skin cells and stimulate new skin cell growth. This dramatically improves your skin's appearance!


IV Infusion

 Using IV drip with mix of vitamins and mineral that are essential to your health and gives a boost to your skin glow, IV Glutathione is available as well.

Microneedle with Hyaluronic Acid

is a non-surgical procedure that helps your skin to be firmer,smoother, and look young looking. It induces collagen production and actually strengthens the epidermis.  We use a specialize SuperJazzi Skin Pen with microneedle that helps create a better penetration that is customized to your skin condition. We will be offering PRP soon.